The History of Art Deco Chandeliers

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Art Deco is a type of design famous for its use of geometric shapes, natural elements, and rich materials. This design melds with modern architectural choices to create a rich space in your home or office. Within this unique style, … Read More

The Benefits of Art Deco Lighting

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Today, ceiling lighting, including LED bulbs, is a common way to light a room. But the truth is that current lighting techniques often add little to the design of a space. With older lighting options, such as Art Deco lighting, … Read More

How to Care For Your Art Deco Furniture

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Did you know that the Art Deco aesthetic originated in Paris and became a worldwide phenomenon by the 1930s? There’s no denying that Art Deco furniture is some of the most unique you’ll ever see. If you want a home … Read More

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