How to pick the right piece for your room

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With the continuing impact of COVID-19, many of us have created a list of things that we want to redo or change about our homes. During stay-at-home orders, you might have started to get bored with your current decorative style and be looking for a way to upgrade it. With that in mind, art deco furniture might stand out for its beautiful geometrical shapes and colors, as well as its practical aspects.

Still, you might be wondering how to pick the right art deco furniture to compliment your room or your unique style. Here are a few tips on how to pick out the right piece for your room or space.

Understand the Overall Plan for Your Room

It is important to have a clear understanding of how you want your room to function before you make any decisions regarding the furniture or decorations. After all, if your room is going to function as an office, for example, then it might not be practical to pick a piece of art deco furniture that has limited functionality.

Therefore, once you know the function of the room, then you can start picking art deco pieces that will reflect its purpose. Additionally, once you know the function of the room, you can also pick colors and decorative pieces that reflect the mood you want to set. Again, if you are creating a home office, then you might want to make decisions that reflect the need to be focused on the work at hand. You might also choose calming colors to assist in relieving stress.

Then, when you are looking for art deco furniture or other necessary furniture, then you will be able to make choices that reflect the needs of that room without creating unnecessary clutter.

What Is Your Personal Style?

When looking for art deco furniture, you are looking to compliment your own personal style for the space in your home, adding luxury with its exotic animals and plants. After all, you have a plan for how that room needs to function, which might dictate that you need a piece to be beautiful and practical. There might also be specific materials that are more appealing to you than others.

Be sure to look at several art deco furniture pieces with various functions and designs to help you determine what is most appealing to you personally. Not every piece will make your heart sing, but you will quickly be able to determine which ones grab your attention and contribute to your vision for your space.

Be Openminded to Alternative Pieces

With art deco furniture, there are various options available. However, you might find that there is not a distinct furniture piece that really fits into your room or its overall style. Still, you can enjoy some art deco aspects within in your room. There are multiple options, such as lights, that can bring in a decorative flair without taking up the space a traditional art deco furniture piece might.
You can also bring art deco patterns and colors into your room through fabrics, pillows, and other smaller art pieces. Again, these decisions can be made to reflect your personal style or to fit into the vision you have of how the space will function or the feelings it is meant to evoke.

Finding the Right Art Deco Furniture

Part of this journey also involves determining if an art deco piece is genuine or not. While there are furniture pieces that can reflect the art deco style of that era, actual art deco furniture has distinctive features, which make it stand out. Working with a quality gallery can help you to find the right pieces for your room or space.

If you have questions about choosing the right art deco furniture for your next project, contact our experienced team today to learn about the options available.

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