Staying home? 3 ways to modernize your home with unique designs

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During the spring of 2020, many of us were home due to stay at home mandates. During that time, you may have started looking around your home and realized that it has started looking dated. You want a fresh look, but you like your signature Art Deco furniture pieces. Clearly, you need to take advantage of unique design ideas to bring in that fresh modern look while keeping the aspects of your home’s design that you love.

Here are 3 ways to modernize your home with unique designs that can compliment your style and personal taste.

Look at the Fabrics

The truth is that Art Deco furniture includes a variety of unique geometric designs that you can highlight through fabrics. Look around your home. Are there areas where you might be able to add a pop of color through blankets, pillows, or curtains?

Also, consider recovering a couch or chair in a fabric that compliments your Art Deco furniture. It can help to modernize your home without a large investment. Plus, there are so many unique fabrics and designs available to choose from that it can be easy to swap them out from time to time. Complimentary designs can also be found in African fabrics, which use bold colors and geometric designs of their own.

Still, it is important to not fill your space with multiple fabrics to the point that it feels closed in and cluttered. With that in mind, here is another method to give your home a modern feel.

Declutter Your Space

Modern design is based around the idea of clean lines and if often complimented by minimizing the clutter and knickknacks in your space. Therefore, it is important to look around your home and bust those areas of clutter. You can opt to donate underused items, add hidden organization, and take advantage of options that hide wire and cords. It can also help to make keeping the counters clear a priority in your daily routine. The focus should be on making your space feel clean and fresh. Plus, you have the bonus of less mental stress related to the clutter.

Your organizational efforts to bust the clutter can also incorporate unique design elements. Today, organization can be interesting and beautiful, as well as practical. There are also Art Deco furniture pieces that can contribute to your clutter busting.

Be Selective in Your Choices of Fixtures and Art

To keep that open and modern feel, you want to make sure that you do not fill every wall with art. Also, pick fixtures that do not add a busy feel to the space. However, lamps and light fixtures can be used to compliment your Art Deco furniture.

The goal of a modern space is to make it feel open and flexible. Pick items that compliment your open space, instead of making it feel closed in. Your color palette can help with this effort, simply be opting for more neutral colors.

Once you have that neutral palette, then your art and Art Deco furniture pieces will stand out, thus giving your home design the modern look that you wanted.

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