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3 Chandelier Tips for the Perfect Dining Room Lighting

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Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or just home with the family, lighting is important. While you may be thinking you can install a chandelier and be done with it, there is more to consider.

A badly placed light can lead to poor lighting, which can lead to unsightly shadows.

Additionally, you must consider the size of the fixture. If your dining room table is large, then you’ll need a chandelier to match.

All of this can sound confusing, making you unsure of what to do. To achieve the perfect dining room lighting, we’ll take you through a few key steps.

Consider Using a Dimmer Switch

Sometimes too much light can be a bad thing. If you’re wanting to control how much light pours into your dining room, consider installing a dimmer switch.

This switch will allow you to set the perfect ambiance for your family dinner or get-together. You won’t have to worry about overwhelming light blinding your guests.

If you’re installing one yourself, make sure the light bulb matches the switch. For example, if your bulb is standard, you’ll want a standard dimmer switch. LED bulbs can work with a standard one, but it’s best to use an LED dimmer.

Make sure the LED bulbs are dimmable as well. Some won’t work with a dimmable switch, so be sure to do your research.

Use Multiple Chandeliers

A good rule to follow is that if your table is larger than eight feet, get at least two to three small chandeliers. This approach allows the light to be equally distributed to your table.

Even if the single chandelier is large, its size will look drastically reduced compared to the size of the table.

With that said, it’s best to get multiple chandeliers in a smaller size. Even if your dining room isn’t big to begin with, this look can still be achieved.

To keep your dining room looking cohesive, get matching lights. If you want a more eclectic look, pick out styles that are different shapes but similar in style. The easiest way to achieve that is by using art deco lighting.

Measurements are Everything

To ensure your dining room lighting is at its best, you’ll need to know where to hang your chandelier(s). For starters, you’ll want it to be hanging directly over the table. While that may seem like common sense, it’s often a mistake that homeowners make.

They also don’t take into consideration how the light will fit in with the rest of the room. You’ll also want to make sure it’s about four feet away from the walls or other furniture. This method reduces the appearance of harsh shadows.

Lastly, don’t hang it too low. It’s not only distracting but can also be an eyesore.

Wrapping Up

To create the perfect dinnertime setting, lighting matters. Too much light can be overwhelming while too little light can leave you and your guests in the dark.

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