5 Ways to Incorporate Art Deco Lighting Into Your Home

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The lighting of your home can be the perfect way to tie everything together.

No matter if you’re looking for a cozy touch to the bedroom or a statement piece in the foyer, lighting makes all the difference.

In recent years, art deco lighting has been making a comeback in the market.

Art deco refers to a popular design style from the 1920s to 30s. It focuses on tying together form and function for an artistic display of one of the home’s most necessary features.

It’s a fun, eclectic way to spruce up your home. Plus, it’s getting easier and easier to achieve!

Here is the simple process to go from boring to bold with this lighting technique.

  1. Choose Your Style

If you’re going to spend time looking for the perfect art deco piece to light up the room, make sure the space will complement it.

Choose if you want to take a sophisticated route or a fun, outgoing path. This can make the difference between a flashy chandelier or a subtle wall piece.

Either way, there are ways to make the room feel like a classic art deco space. Just make sure it resembles your personal style, too!

  1. Know Your Shapes

Once you’ve chosen the direction you want to take, you can start to play with shapes.

Art deco is known for being very geometrical. Although the lighting features come in many forms, they tend to create straight, elegant lines of light.
Feel free to play with shapes and lines on the carpet, in pillows and blankets or even with a wall painting.

Keep them consistent or play with different shapes, but recognize they’re here for the ultimate design experience.

  1. Pick a Texture

As you are shopping for the right shapes, take texture into consideration as well.

A beautiful golden lamp won’t work too well in a mostly silver room. However, you can tie together different tones and shades with a neutral color, such as black or ivory.

From there, you create wiggle room to mix a little bit of rough, highly-textured wood or metal with soft lighting features. Consider the texture of your flooring, furniture, and other wall decorations as well.

  1. Create Layers

Art deco lighting is the perfect way to create layers in any room of the house.

It helps set the mood for an elegant evening in the dining room or can help you stay up reading in the bedroom while your partner sleeps.

Choosing between ambient, task or accent lighting for your art deco piece can help narrow down the search. It determines how big or small you want the decor item to be.

Also, a lighting purpose helps you decide once your options are narrowed down, since the decor should do something beyond boosting aesthetics.

  1. Add the Final Touches

After making a decision, prepping the space, and putting up your new art deco lighting features, look around the room and see if anything is missing.

Maybe the classic new floor lamp needs a comfy chair next to it or you decide to buy a new dining set to complement your chandelier.

Your design eye will likely see one final opportunity to make the room everything it can be. Follow this intuition and bask in the glory of your beautiful space!

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