4 Favorite Ways to Display Art Deco Furniture in Your Home

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Art Deco Furniture

The beauty of art deco furniture is how it seems to blend both the modern and classic in one piece. As a result, you have the opportunity to use these pieces in a way that emphasizes the modern or classical architecture that you can find within your space.

Here are 4 favorite ways to display art deco furniture in your home and thus bring in the beauty and elegance of art deco to your space.

Focus on Streamlined Shapes

Art deco furniture can have a lot of geometric shapes, which you an emphasize by choosing complimentary colors or patterns. The end result can be a clean modern look. For instance, the Art Deco Gondole Chairs by Dominque have that streamlined and clean look, which can be used in a variety of spaces.

Pick pieces that speak to you, but also reflect the overall style of the room or space. After all, the point of this streamlined look is making your space feel open, instead of closed and cluttered. Look for streamlined shapes that compliment the shapes and patterns that can already be found within your home or space.

Make It Useful

While these art deco furniture pieces can be beautiful, it doesn’t mean that they just have to sit there and look pretty. In fact, you may actually find several pieces that could serve as a place to hold different items that you need throughout the day, allowing your space to feel organized and uncluttered. At the same time, it keeps those necessary items close at hand for when you need them. Therefore, when you choose art deco pieces, you can also look at how useful they could be within the larger context of your space.

Make Your Art Deco Furniture a Centerpiece

When you choose a piece of art deco furniture, you can choose other pieces in the space to help highlight the beauty of this furniture. Choose printed rugs that compliment it, thus making your art deco furniture. We recommend using animal prints, giving you a thematic contrast of natural versus human made, plus you have an interesting color contrast as well.

Change Out Furniture Fabric

If you have other pieces of furniture that are not art deco, you can make them compliment the art deco pieces by changing out their fabric. Replace existing fabrics with tasteful geometric shapes that highlight the beauty of the art deco furniture within your space. Recognize that part of what makes art deco so amazing is its geometric aspects, so changing out fabrics can be a way to help these pieces fit into your home.

The beauty of these art deco furniture pieces can be found in their shapes and colors, as well as their beautiful wood inlays. If you are looking to add one of these pieces to your home or space, then it is important to work with someone who can help you identify the right pieces for you. Our experienced team can help you find genuine art deco furniture that works in your space. Contact us today to talk about what options are available in both art deco furniture and lightening.
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