6 Ways One Piece of Art Deco Furniture Can Impact Your Entire Home Design

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Designing your space can be challenging. There might be so many design ideas that appeal to you and deciding can be almost overwhelming. Art deco furniture offers a way to combine modern and classical design, which may be appealing to you. However, you might also look at various art deco furniture options and wondering if a room full of art deco pieces could be too much. Here are 6 ways to get just one piece of art deco furniture into your space and impact your entire home design, thus allowing it to reflect art deco throughout every space in your home.

Make It a Useful Piece

Choose an art deco furniture piece that can be practical as well. It might be useful for storing linens or other clutter. Your space can reflect your vision of a home that is clean and modern, while also having a practical use. The end result is you can then mimic that with other pieces that have a similar design.

Incorporate Art Deco in Lighting

Another option is to use art deco lighting pieces, such as Rene Lalique chandeliers, which can provide useful illumination and an elegant decorative touch. These lighting options also incorporate flora, fauna, and more. You can then mimic those decorative aspects in linens and other pieces found throughout your home.

Focus on Streamlined Shapes

If you bring in one art deco furniture piece, you can mimic those shapes and the streamlined appearance through your space using other less costly and more modern pieces. The point is to bring that style throughout your house by mirroring the pieces that you already have.

Incorporate Art Deco Accents

Purchasing one art deco furniture piece is a way to bring that feel into one room, but you can then put that through the rest of your house by using art deco accents. These accents will mirror the few art deco furniture pieces that you might have purchased. The overall feel of your home will reflect that art deco feel.

Look at Your Flooring

While most art deco inspiration comes from lighting and furniture, the truth is that you can find art deco inspiration in the flooring you choose. Rugs and carpets can have those streamlined shapes and colors, thus allowing you to bring art deco into multiple rooms through the flooring you opt to include in your space.

The Beauty of Art Deco Style

Art deco furniture is a reflection of history and style that filters in geometric shapes and natural themes. If you choose one art deco piece, then you can celebrate art and fashion with your choices of art and fabric included throughout the rest of the space. By taking that inspiration of shapes and nature, you can bring the feel of art deco throughout your home design.
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