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How to Accent Your Art Deco Furniture

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What if you could give your furniture an overnight makeover that no one will ever forget?

If you have art deco furniture, then you are already devoted to making your home stylish and elegant. However, it takes special attention and accenting to make your art deco furniture stand out from the crowd.

Do not worry, because we have prepared a solid art deco interior design guide for how to accent your furniture.

Printed Rugs

When you think “furniture accents,” it is natural to focus on what you’ll be putting directly on the furniture. However, fundamental accenting starts with the floor itself.

Printed rugs are a great way to help your art deco furniture stand out. As you know, art deco is all about contrast and printed rugs can create a pleasing distinction that makes your furniture visually pop.

We recommend using animal prints, such as stripes or spots. This option helps you achieve thematic contrast (natural vs. human-made) as well as color contrast.

Mirrored Surfaces

Think you already have the perfect art deco furniture? Think again! There is always room for more mirrored surfaces.

Mirrored surfaces can make great additions to tables, cabinets, and any flat surface in your home. You get two sets of benefits by using these surfaces.

First, mirrored surfaces take your art deco chic to the next level, adding visual flair and excitement to your home. Reflective surfaces also make any room seem bigger. This option is a great way to add value and elegance to your home.

Mathematical Beauty

Earlier, we talked about the importance of contrast regarding printed rugs. What if you could incorporate that contrast with almost every piece of furniture in your home?

A great way to accent your furniture is to change out the furniture fabric. Your goal is to replace the existing fabrics with tasteful geometric shapes.
Geometric beauty is at the very heart of art deco design, therefore this is a great way of helping your furniture fit the theme of your home. You get the pleasant contrast effect we mentioned, which helps your furniture to stand out effortlessly.

Wood Inlays

Reflective surfaces are not the only things that you can add to your furniture. If you want to accentuate your wooden art deco furniture, consider wood inlays.

It is easy to find local artisans to create one of a kind wooden inlays which you can easily apply to your existing furniture. This option instantly makes your art deco furniture seem more unique as no one else will have the exact wood inlays you have.

The benefit is that it involves putting in minimum effort and getting maximum payoff.

Art Deco Furniture: The Bottom Line

Now you know how to accent your art deco furniture. Do you have a good source for finding more furniture for your home?

At Paul Stamati Gallery, we have a full range of art deco furniture for your every decorating need. To see how we can transform any room in your home, contact us today.

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