COVID-19 Why Art is Essential during the COVID-19 Crisis and how planning for your next piece will bring you happiness

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For many individuals who are under stay at home orders, the home that they created as their sanctuary may be starting to close in on them. The saving grace is truly the art within their home, including Lalique furniture, which has a way of connecting and creating warmth and peace within your space.

If you are getting a little stir-crazy in your space, now is the time to start considering your next piece of art. Planning for your next art purchase can help you find the pieces that truly bring you happiness and joy.

Browse Online Art Galleries

If you are considering a new piece of art, it can be fun and relaxing to browse through art galleries. This browsing allows you to study the art, exploring what pieces you connect with and the ones that just do not bring the same feelings of joy or peace. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic limiting your ability to go to the local art gallery.

Instead, click open your computer or tablet and log into a local gallery. Many of different businesses in the art world have their work available for online viewing. It means you can still have the fun of looking for art without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Take a Virtual Museum Tour

Another fun way to explore art and get an idea of the next piece that you might want to purchase is by taking an art museum virtual tour. Many of the world’s museums are offering these virtual tours free of charge, allowing people to still enjoy the beautiful art and other items on display. These tours can be local to your area or even larger ones from around the world.

Do not feel that these are limited to just historical museums. There are museums for science, modern art, history, and more. Just start exploring what is out there. You will be amazed at what you can expose yourself to with the click of a mouse or the tap of a screen. Instead of binging on the latest television craze, why not explore the different types of art from around the world, including different histories and cultures?

What Type of Art Brings You Joy?

Another fun thing to do during this time is to explore the different types of art are out there. For instance, there is Art Deco, Lalique furniture, modern art, landscapes, portraits, 20th century art, and more. What draws you in? Now is a chance to learn more about the art that you particularly enjoy. Why not make it a point to do some digging about a specific artist, learning about their style and biographical information about how they became an artist. It can be a great way to increase your connection with art, deepening your appreciation for art itself.
Our team is available to answer your questions about the different artistic furniture that we offer. Many of these pieces are reflective of the Art Deco style, which allows you to combine beautiful art with functionality. We are also showcasing various pieces on our website, which we invite you to explore. Contact utas today to learn more about the amazing art that we can offer you.

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