How to design like an art collector

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Are you looking to spice up your home with some art deco pieces? Are you interested in bringing more culture to your design and have visitors feeling like you know something about the world of art? Art collectors do not all share the same reason for buying art, so it may feel tricky if trying to pull off a design that looks more like an art collection. However, you must find your motivation behind purchasing an art piece and stick with it.

Sometimes its about connecting with a piece of art that motivates a design. Here are 5 things that art collectors look at when viewing a piece of art. These will help you design your space like an art collector would.


Art can cause a person to feel emotions. More times than not, a collector will buy a piece of art because they connected with it on some type of emotional level. Each time they view the art in their home or office, those emotions will be sparked again. Keep this in mind when decorating, as art connects with people. Find that piece that sets off an emotion in you and will be celebrated each time you see it.

History or Story

Art collectors like to know the history behind the piece of art. It gives them a story to share with others. It also helps them connect to the piece on a different level. Perhaps, the art piece is from a specific period in time that the art collector feels drawn to. Knowing the back story to an art piece is always a good idea when wanting to design your space like an art collector would.


Is the piece well known? Has it been shown in galleries around the world? To some, an art piece is about the unique factor and the fame. Others simply want to connect to the piece and have a good story to tell those who visit their home. It is good to keep notability in mind when deciding on an art piece.


Typically, art collectors will be drawn to specific artist or types of arts. Consider this when shopping for pieces to fill your home with. Is there an artist or type of art that suits your style? This will be important to know, as you want your home to be decorated with art that is pleasing to you. Think about what inspires you and do your research. You will find a variety of artist that may appeal to your taste.

Local Art

Enhance your art d├ęcor by supporting local artist. It is always a great way to support your community and get some fantastic art pieces for your home. Plus, it is a chance to show others about rising talents in your area.
Knowledge is key when wanting to fill your home with art deco pieces. You may not be an art collector, but you can certainly take these tips and design your home with some fantastic art. Visitors will never know the difference, as art is all about appealing to your emotions and interest.

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