5 Major Ways Architectural Projects Are Implementing Art Deco Geometrics in Their Builds

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Art deco was a creative, but short-lived architectural movement that impacted not only the buildings, but also fashion, art, and furniture. During the early 20th century, Art Deco design was embraced in housing, as its geometric shapes and clean lines became part of the architectural landscape.

Today, art deco has made a comeback, as architects renew their appreciation for its shapes, colors, and lines. It also harkens back to a time of streamlined looks with geometric shapes, which is both captivating and nostalgic. Here are five ways that architectural projects are implementing art deco geometrics in their builds.

Modern Lighting With Art Deco Twist

One of the first ways that new builds are incorporating art deco geometrics and elements is through their lighting choices. Art deco provided wonderful lights, reflecting cubes and other shapes throughout, including feathers and leaves.

An example of this type of lighting can be found in Rene Lalique wall sconces, which showcase amazing designs, colors, and textures. Many of his original designs started out as full bowl lighting features before being turned into sconces. This type of lighting serves a purpose in the overall design, but also provides an artistic element, allowing for a touch of the art deco design to be seen throughout the build.

Representations of Natural Elements

In any new build where natural elements are incorporated, then art deco geometric shapes can also be incorporated. Many original art deco pieces included representations of leaves, showcasing the symmetrical aspects of these parts of nature.

Today’s builds bring the outside inside, allowing for that natural symmetry to become part of their overall design. This symmetry from nature can be found in lighting, furniture, the overall architectural structure, and even in the specific art pieces chosen for a space.

Clean and Elegant Lines

One of the interesting aspects of art deco furniture pieces is how the lines were clean and simple yet reflecting an elegance that could complement any design. If an architectural build is going to have a focal wall, you can incorporate the squares, cubes, and straights lines from art deco pieces into that wall.

Those lines can also be incorporated into various furniture pieces, allowing for a clean and uncluttered, modern feel in any build.

Art Deco Furniture Pieces

Another way that art deco is being incorporated into today’s builds is through the furniture being chosen for the space. Art deco furniture is appealing because it can be clean, allowing for other accessories to add a pop of color or flair. On the other hand, the more ornate art deco pieces can provide a touch of glamour and eye-catching geometric patterns to a space.

Art deco furniture can also be used to set the tone for a build, allowing for a clean look that allows the furniture to be the hero within the space.

Creating a Sleek and Antitraditional Look with Industrial Elements

Part of what made art deco so appealing in its heyday was the fact that the style symbolized wealth, sophistication, and an antitraditional elegance. It broke with the traditional elements found in earlier architectural eras. There was a combination of modern machines with natural elements found repetitively within the various pieces.

Today’s architectural builds can incorporate that modern industrial feel with repetitive shapes and patterns in the walls, furniture, and lighting. The goal of making the space feel influenced by art deco is achieved through all these elements.

No matter what type of build you are attempting to create, art deco can compliment a modern, sleek look, while retaining a sense of richness. If you focus on taking patterns, created with symmetry and relative simplicity, then the art deco geometric elements will also shine through.

Today, our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you to find the right art deco furniture and lighting pieces to compliment your build. We provide options that incorporate the various shapes, lines, and ornate pieces that mark this unique architectural period. Contact us today to learn more about the options we have available in our gallery.

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