5 Ways to Redesign Your Home Look Around a Piece of Furniture

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When you get ready to redesign a room in your home, there are a variety of things that you might choose to focus on. These things include the paint color on the walls, the art decorations, and the furniture pieces. Each of them brings a unique twist but can provide a platform to give a different design vibe for your home.

However, have you ever considered making one of your Lalique furniture pieces into the source of inspiration for your entire room? Here are five ways to take a piece of Lalique furniture and redesign your home around it.

Start with the Paint Color

The piece of furniture has its unique color, and you can use a paint match to create the tone for your walls. Other pieces of furniture or art can be chosen in complementary colors based on your primary piece of Lalique furniture that you have decided to make the focus of your home. That color can also come through in the accent pieces you choose, thus complimenting your primary piece. Your entire color palette can start with your central piece of furniture.

Choose a Neutral Primary Piece

Another option is to use a piece of furniture that was neutral, such as a sofa. Once you have that neutral piece, then you can choose colors and fabrics to go around it that can be complimentary or give a different vibe to the space. For instance, a neutral sofa can then be made to stand out with colorful throws and pillows. The best part is that the main piece of furniture can remain, even if you want to change up the color scheme with different art, throws, or pillows.

Mimic the Design of the Furniture

If you choose a very artistic piece of furniture as your primary design point, then you can mimic its unique designs in other areas of your room. If there are curls, for instance, then you can create a decal or stencil of that same curly design on a wall. The end result is that the design of the furniture can then be found in other areas of the room.

Change the Layout

Part of choosing a piece of furniture to be the primary inspiration for your design is finding a way to allow that piece to be a hero. Changing the layout of your room can draw the eye to that piece of furniture, making it a conversation piece. The result is that you are creating a statement piece out of that furniture.

Change the Lighting

Another great option is to change up the lighting to reflect the styles of the furniture that you are highlighting. With Art Deco furniture, for example, you can highlight the unique shapes and colors with similar types of Art Deco lighting. Lalique furniture and lighting can complement each other, giving a wonderful modern vibe to any room in your home.

If you are ready to redesign your home or a room in your home around a piece of furniture, then consider a beautiful Art Deco piece. It can give your design a unique look that personalizes your home. Contact our knowledgeable staff today to learn more about the different furniture options we have available.
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