3 Small Design Touches to Give Your Space an Elegant Feel

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Your home or office reflects you, your taste, and the feel you want to achieve in a space. There are unique touches that stand out, giving the space a specific feel. Art Deco is a beautiful design feature, one that can help you to give your space an elegant and modern feel. What makes Art Deco stand out is the rich colors, bold geometry, and detail work. The beauty of Art Deco is that you can bring a touch of the 20s, 30s, and 40s to your room without dating it.

With that in mind, here are three small design touches that you can use to create an elegant feel in your space using furniture and lighting.

Focus on Streamlined Shapes

No matter what you choose, Art Deco lighting and furniture demonstrates the beauty of streamlined shapes. To give your room an elegant feel, focus on the overall appearance of the room. Is there a pattern of streamlined shapes or does it feel busy? The elegance you are looking for could be lost if there are multiple patterns bouncing around throughout your design.

Still, even with all that streamlined pieces, you can add a pop of pattern, such as an animal print. The point is to keep it simple, allowing one pattern or shape to take center stage.

Lighting With Form and Function

Lalique lighting is a beautiful example of lighting that serves the beauty and elegance of your room, while still providing light. These lights showcase beautiful modern and streamlined shapes, which can bring a touch of elegance into the design of your space.

Plus, you are not limited to just hanging lights. Using wall sconces can be a way to bring light and create a beautiful focal point on your wall. Combine with a piece of art to create an elegant look in your space. Working with our knowledgeable team members, you can find the right lighting pieces to compliment the other elements in your space.

Highlight the Architecture of Your Space

Part of bringing an elegant feel into any space is looking at how the space is architecturally designed, and then complimenting it through the pieces you bring in. That means your rugs and furniture should be sized for the room. When furniture is too small, it can make the room feel crowded.

Remember the point is to create an elegant feel, one that focuses on creating an experience for those who come into the space. Art Deco furniture and accessories can help you to highlight geometric spaces already found in your room.
As you can see, creating an elegant feel to a space is possible with the right focus on lighting, furniture, and the overall architecture of a room. If you are looking to add unique lighting or furniture to compliment your modern and elegant look, then contact our experienced staff today. We can help you find the right fit for your design using amazing Art Deco options.

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