The Top 5 Art Deco Coffee Tables

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The art deco style as we know it first emerged in 1925 at an exhibition in Paris. The new style became very popular quickly, and art deco soon came to define the 1920s.

It’s not hard to see why art deco took off. The 1920s was a time of prosperity. The U.S. was profiting from the first world war and was happily flaunting it.

Roughly a century later, you can still find art deco furniture designs for any space. There’s even art deco furniture for when you want to liven up a room. If you’re looking for an art deco coffee table, for example, we can help. We’ll discuss some options in this article.

1. Round Single-Piece

Among the fascinating aspects of art deco is how much creativity and variety designers have put into seemingly simplistic concepts. Round single-piece coffee tables are just one example of this.

Round single-piece coffee tables, as we’ll call them, are circular coffee tables made from one piece of material or one type of material. In most cases, this material is tropical wood, but designers have made furniture out of many exciting materials.

2. Waterfall

Though not coming into its own until the 1930s, the waterfall style is one of the most common elements of art deco design. Waterfall refers to a structure with natural-looking rounded edges. It’s also often lacquered to add a smooth and sleek appearance.
Waterfall tables will usually resemble upside-down U’s. Veneers, which are thin strips of wood glued together, are also likely to be part of the design.

3. Leather

There is probably something in your house right now that borrows from the innovations of art deco or, at the very least, imitates them. We’re talking about leather furniture. Many popular leather furniture designs were created during the art deco movement.

While you’ll never find a leather coffee table, you’ll almost certainly find a few with leather coverings on part ofit.

4. Abstract Geometric Bases

The creators of art deco drew inspiration from the world around them, particularly that which seemed new and foreign. This is part of what contributed to the geometric patterns that are common in art deco.

The previous century (the 1800s) had seen a massive increase in exploration, largely in Africa.Traditional African art, as well as Central American art, often utilized geometric patterns. Art deco coffee tables sometimes use geometric designs for bases.

5. Glass Surfaces

A lot of art deco furniture, including some coffee tables, has a glass surface. These are often paired with geometric bases to put greater emphasis on their shape.

They also offer several benefits that wooden dining tables don’t. For instance, glass isn’t damaged by liquid, so putting your drinks on it should be no problem.

Art Deco Furniture: Designs and Principles

If you’re a fan of art deco furniture and are looking for an art deco coffee table, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve discussed some of the innovations and design ideas for art deco coffee tables, but there’s still more to learn.

You can learn more about art deco by looking around our site. We encourage you to contact us for service or with questions.

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