How to Properly Care For Your Art Deco Furniture

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Art deco furniture is a reminder of an era of sophisticated beauty, not just convenience. They don’t make them like they used to! So naturally, maintaining a piece of art deco furniture requires the same attention as it does when crafted.

What are some of the best art deco furniture cleaning tips? Keep reading if you want to give your precious piece the TLC it deserves.

Not All Materials Are Created Equal

One of the defining characteristics of the art deco movement is the high quality and variety of materials used. It prides itself on polished textures and vivid patterns. Therefore, individually treating each material on a piece of furniture is vital to protecting your piece’s glory.

Avoid using all-purpose products when cleaning art deco furniture. Your piece deserves only the best cleaner and polisher for each material involved. Seek out certified, specialized products for each material.

Think about the product and the type of cleaning cloths needed to do the best job. For example, many types of cleaning cloths have dyes that can run and stain certain fabrics of your furniture. So, aim for colorless cleaning cloths for the best results.

Consult a specialist about the best products to use and where best to use them if in doubt.

Easy Does It

Once you have chosen your cleaning and polishing products, the next step is the art of application. We call it an “art” because of the patience involved.

A good principle to work with is: never apply any product in excess. Dripping of products should never be a part of the art of application. Rather, a mild application should be exercised. One way to do this is to lightly apply the product to the cloth rather than directly on the piece itself. Even if using water, the same principle applies.

There is such thing as over-polishing, so avoid heavy application and force. Take regular breaks to ensure that you are not eroding instead of polishing—there is, quite literally, there is a very thin line.

Code Red!

In the event of staining or rusting, the same above mentioned principle applies. Again, take regular breaks for cleaning out stains rather than attempting to remove the stain in one go.Allow time to dry if your first attempt seems unsuccessful. Remember, heavy application of even water can damage materials. Panicking and rushing usually end in further damage to the fabric or material.

There may be certain occasions in which you have to admit defeat and call in the professionals who can restore art deco furniture to its former glory. It would be better to bow out gracefully than to further damage your piece.

Love Your Art Deco Furniture

Caring for your art deco furniture requires a type of love. By that, we mean that preparation and patience are the foundation of making good decisions. Advice about art deco furniture abounds on the internet, but the more varied your collection becomes, the more complex the maintenance. But keeping the principles mentioned in this article in mind will ensure that you give each article the love and attention it deserves.
Speaking of “collection,” if you’re interested in growing yours, why not get in contact with us to find the next piece of furniture you’ll fall in love with.

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