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How to Check the Authenticity of Art Deco Furniture Purchases

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The Art Deco movement took the globe by storm at the beginning of the 20th century. It heralded the start of the industrial revolution and celebrated artistic ingenuity in its artworks, architecture, and decor. It’s one of the most distinctive movements in art and style of the past 200 years. So why wouldn’t you want this unique piece of history represented in your decor scheme?

Art Deco furniture is a must-have for anyone who values the style and essence of the Roaring ’20s. Lovers of the Art Deco movement will tell you that the furniture’s unique style is unmistakable, but even the most discerning eye can be tricked. That is why we’ve put together an essential guide on checking the authenticity of your pieces before you purchase them.

Art Deco Furniture in A Nutshell

A few things may come to mind when you think of Art Deco. Perhaps you think of the glittering parties of Jay Gatsby or the gilded symmetry of the top of the Empire State Building. Both of these examples perfectly capture the feeling of the movement and its unmistakable decor aesthetic.

The aesthetic of Art Deco has been referred to as luxurious, containing lots of symmetrical patterns and expensive finishings. Think repetitive, ornate patterns and lots of stand-out shine.

Materials commonly used in furniture were polished wood, lacquer, and metals. Marble was a common feature in Art Deco architecture but also showed up in the furniture’s details.

Colors were bold, patterns geometric, and Egyptian or Mayan-influenced motifs were common.

Authentic Art Deco: What to Look For

Unfortunately, some dubious furniture dealers might try to pass off something more modern as authentically Art Deco.

To avoid being scammed, there are a couple of things you should look for before making your purchase official. Never be afraid to probe deeper and ask the seller questions if anything feels off.

Good-Quality Metals

Most Art Deco furniture was built to last, with impeccable quality in mind. That is why the materials used were metals and authentic woods that were known to be strong and sturdy.

These include woods like rosewood, ebony, and maple. If the piece you’re interested in is made from lower-quality woods and chipboard, it likely isn’t the real deal.

Glossy Finish

A key feature of Art Deco furniture is its shine and glossy finish. Lacquered wood, shiny marble, and bright metal finishings were a highly valued aesthetic to emulate the glitz and glamor of the period. So, look out for that signature shine in pieces you want to invest in.

Reputable Documents

This point is less about aesthetics and more about admin. A reputable seller will be able to give you documents proving the authenticity of the item.
Depending on the piece of furniture, these might include sales receipts from auction houses or proof of professional appraisals. If you buy Art Deco furniture from a reputable seller, these documents should be easy to come across.

Authentic Art Deco: The Bottom Line

There’s just something about Art Deco furniture – perhaps it’s the magic of its history that buyers don’t quite get when purchasing new furniture. But to make sure you’re getting the true magic of the Roaring ’20s in its signature Art Deco furnishings, keep an eye out for signs of the real deal.

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