How to Add Art Deco Lighting to Your Home Décor

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With so many types of interior design styles out there, it can be hard to narrow down which one you want to use.

But have you ever considered using the decorative elements of Art Deco lighting? Whether you use actual Art Deco pieces or if you design your own lighting to have a similar feel, you will create a beautiful interior design for your home.

Here are some tips to follow when decorating with Art Deco lighting.

Use Marble

Since marble is known to give off a luxurious feeling, marble was often used in many spaces during the Art Deco movement.

Depending on the type of decorative elements you are going for, marble can be shaped into the design elements you like. For instance, you could add a marble structure or a marble table to your home.

Add Geometric Patterns

If you’re going for the modernism look, adding in the geometric patterns that art deco lighting is known for is the best way to do it.

These patterns range from triangles and circles to patterned lines that create a look of symmetry.

To match the geometric patterns that are on the lighting you use, you can incorporate more geometric patterns on other furniture and interior design decor in your home.

Utilize the Natural Beauty of Art Deco Lighting

During the Art Deco movement, lighting with leaves and flower shapes was often used to give off a natural feel and an understanding of natural beauty.

This type of natural beauty can be in other design elements in your home like wall art and smaller decor and trinkets. Using this design on larger lighting elements like chandeliers and pendant lighting is a popular way to accent your home.

Be Bold With Colors

During the Art Deco movement, it was common to see more vibrant colors in the designs.

To achieve this look yourself, add vibrant colors and bold colors into your lighting fixtures at home. You could easily do this with lamps and table lamps to add a pop of color to a specific room. Using lampshades is a great way to achieve the vibrancy of the Art Deco time period.

Use Sleek and Polished Materials

Using polished materials was one of the trends to follow during the Art Deco movement.

Looking for plated materials is one way to accomplish this, like using nickel plating on different design elements in your home. These types of materials can be used for more than just lighting fixtures like picture frames, framed wall art, and vases around the home.

Tips for Your Art Deco Interior Design

If you are trying to achieve a similar look to what was trending during the Art Deco movement, follow these tips! You’ll have decorative elements that portray a similar vibe to the Art Deco times.

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