How to Add Art Deco Influences Throughout Your Home

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The roaring 20s were a time of incredible social, political, and economic change, so it’s no surprise the style and art changed too. Art Deco style is dripping with glamour with a modern, more industrial flair.

The Art Deco style movement started in France but quickly spread to the United States. The geometric patterns and bold colors were a welcome change in style. Many Art Deco styles also used metallics, which gave furnishings a sophisticated look.

If you want to add a little Art Deco style to your home but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Our guide covers the best ways to add Art Deco lighting and design to your home styling.

Use Geometric Shapes

Art Deco design is all about geometric lines and shapes. Incorporate Art Deco style into your home by using distinctly shaped accent pieces.

For a truly Art Deco feel, go for trapezoid or curved pieces. Mirrors and vases in these shapes can bring the jazz age to your home.

Add Art Deco Lighting

A very effective way to bring the Art Deco look to your home is through your lighting. Aim for symmetrical and geometric styles.

When looking for Art Deco-inspired lighting, try choosing a style with etched glass. Stepped shapes are another classic Art Deco shape.

Step up your lighting with clean metallic lighting. This look will feel both modern and classically Art Deco.

Use Luxurious Materials

Some of the best Art Deco decorating tips is to bring rich materials into your home. The Art Deco era was all about the luxury so granite, marble, burl wood, and animal prints.

Add an unexpected twist to an upholstered chair by choosing zebra print. Choose marble and ebony for the accessories in your house.

Don’t forget to add in mirrored and chrome accents. These shades look high-end and add some 1920s drama to any space.

Of course, the real versions of these materials can cost a pretty penny. Save money and get the look by buying faux versions of these materials.

Contrast Your Palette

Another quintessential Art Deco design choice is to use a contrasting palette. You can’t go wrong with a black and white color combination. This classic palette will bring a level of classiness to your space.

If you want to add a pop of color, try pairing white with bold blues or greens. The high contrast of the white and darker color will invoke the glamour of the Art Deco time.

Statement Artwork

The Art Deco era was all about dramatic artwork. Find a piece that has geometric elements in contrasting colors.

Another Art Deco element is to put sculptures into your home. Choose a sleek sculpture to really bring out the Art Deco style in your home.

Bring Back the Roaring 20S With Art Deco Decor

The Art Deco movement was a time of bold expression and cosmopolitan flair. Bringing elements of Art Deco lighting and style into your home will give it a timeless and polished look.

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