Distinguishing Features of True Art Deco Furniture

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Are you interested in glamming up your space with an elegant new style?

Art Deco has been all the rage lately, and for a good reason. This beautiful furniture and art style has stood the test of time. It fits nicely into both modern and vintage-styled homes, making it versatile enough for any at-home designer.

Do you know how to identify art deco style from other popular styles that resemble it?

If you are not sure, that is why we are here. Keep reading to learn more about distinguishing art deco furniture.

Unique Upholstery Patterns

While there is a lot of variety in art deco furniture, many of the defining pieces are characterized by interesting upholstery fabrics on chairs and couches.

There are, of course, more “muted” styles to blend in among the other pieces in an entire room of art deco furniture, but art deco craftsmen were often creative with their design choices.

Many art deco pieces use animal-based items, like fur or snakeskin. For those that do not, they often use prints that resemble these skins.

Fabric is often leather or velvet.

Interesting Inlays

Inlays are standard among art deco furniture pieces. Most of the time, the inlays are made of wood. They may be used as embellishments on chairs or couches or work together to create designs on tables or other surfaces.

While wooden inlays are the most prevalent, some artists also used pearl inlays to add visual interest to their pieces.

The artist will then use lacquer to create a safe and glossy finish.

Futuristic Geometric Shapes

While art deco furniture is vintage, many of the shapes are futuristic, even by modern standards.

When it comes to surfaces, geometric designs adorn them. They can be simple or complex, depending on the aesthetic of the artist. Zigzags and floral patterns are common.

For seats, you will often find unique shapes. The backs of chairs are often curved and wide, giving them a smooth and modern appearance. Armchairs often connect the arms and back to create a complete shape.

Art deco furniture pieces are art pieces, and artists took time to make sure they looked as such.

Muted Colors

While movies sometimes present art deco furniture as loud, this was not often true.

These pieces use unique shapes and colors, but those colors were usually muted. There may be gold tones, greens, reds, and other colors that are easy on the eyes without being aggressive.

This reality makes art deco easy to incorporate in a more “standard” styled home.

Art Deco Furniture: A Beautiful Addition to Any Home

Whether you want a complete art deco house or looking for unique art pieces to integrate into your style, art deco furniture is the perfect addition.

This glamorous and vintage style will set your home apart with functional art that gives your home a 1920s flair.

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