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Characteristics of Art Deco Furniture

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Have you been dreaming of upgrading the aesthetic of your home interior?

If so, using vintage decor in the art deco style might be a perfect choice.

Art Deco was an influential art and design movement that originated in France in the 1920s and lasted until the 1940s. It was often inspired by ancient civilizations, such as Egyptian and Aztec, as well as the machine age. Geometric shapes, bold colors, and innovative materials characterize this style.

Here we take a look at the key characteristics of Art Deco furniture. Keep reading to learn more.

Geometric Shapes

Let’s start by discussing how Art Deco furniture often features clean lines and bold geometric shapes, such as circles, rectangles, and zigzags. This style of furniture is known for its simplicity and symmetry, which creates a strong visual impact.

Bold Colors

Art Deco furniture also features bright, bold colors, such as chrome, silver, gold, and black. These colors create a striking contrast and reflect the movement’s modernity.

Innovative Materials

Regarding some of the materials used, art deco furniture incorporates stainless steel, aluminum, and Bakelite, a type of plastic. These materials were considered modern and sophisticated and used to create functional and visually appealing Art Deco furniture.

Use of Glass and Mirrors

Next, you’ll notice the frequent use of glass and mirrors, which were used to create a sense of lightness and transparency. This style of furniture often incorporated glass shelves, mirrored panels, and glass accents, which helped to reflect light and make the furniture appear more spacious.

Streamlined Forms

Art deco vintage furniture is also known for its streamlined forms. These forms were inspired by the time’s new technology, such as airplanes and automobiles. This style of furniture was designed to look sleek and modern, with simple shapes and clean lines that emphasized the technology and efficiency of the time.

Use of Exotic Woods

It often features the use of exotic woods, such as ebony, Macassar, and zebra wood. These woods created furniture that was both luxurious and unique. These woods were often combined with other materials, such as metal and glass, to create functional and visually appealing Art Deco furniture.

Decorative Elements

The decorative elements include inlaid woods, inlaid stones, and intricate metalwork. These elements add visual interest and create a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Characteristics of Art Deco Furniture

When it comes to taking your home’s interior aesthetic to the next level, it’s important to choose pieces that reflect your personality and overall sense of style. Fortunately, the design elements of art deco furniture offer a modern and sophisticated style that reflects the spirit of the time.
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