Art Deco’s Influences Throughout The Decades

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Art deco furniture and other pieces bring a unique style to any space in your home or office. Its unique geometric patterns and shapes have been associated with modern design styles. Still, art deco furniture also has influenced other types of design over the years. Here is a brief history of art deco’s influences throughout the decades on the world of design.

What Influenced Art Deco?

Before we can understand how art deco has influenced other design types, it is important to know what influenced art deco. When you look at the geometric forms of tribal African ceremonial textiles, you can see the similarities between that and art deco. There are also influences from Mesoamerican architecture and arts. Art deco also embraces aspects of the Greco-Roman geometric ornamentation and mosaics. The result is the amazing pieces of furniture, architecture, and more that have become part of the art deco style.

With the advent of manufacturing, furniture and other design pieces became very cookie-cutter. Art deco was meant to bring artistic elements back into furniture and create beautiful but also unique pieces that could be useful as part of daily life.

Art Deco Influences Today

Modern architecture and styles have greatly borrowed from the art deco style. Today, functional objects are infused with artistic elements. When you look at different types of design styles, you can see the influence of art deco in several areas. First, the clean look using white or off-white as a background color can allow for specific objects or art to stand out.

Art deco also involves using bold splashes of color, patterns, textures, and other elements meant to grab attention. However, it can be difficult to enjoy the boldness if there is too much going on. So balance is needed. The point of art deco furniture is to bring personality into a space while maintaining functionality. Mid-century Modern design also borrows from art deco, particularly the clean lines and streamlined aesthetic.

Graphic Arts Benefit from Art Deco

The art deco furniture style has also influenced graphic arts, the use of lines allowed for ways to indicate movements. There was also the use of lines to demonstrate symmetry and streamlining that is also frequently found in graphic arts. The imagery reflects the boldness and geometric designs found in art deco pieces. Pop art borrows from art deco for its colorful, post-modern designs.

Today there are plenty of ways that art deco has influenced architecture, art, and furniture. Using art deco pieces in terms of lights and furniture can bring a modern style to your home. Plus, you have the clean lines of symmetry that can make your space feel uncluttered and allow the focus to be drawn to the personal aspects of your design.
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