Art Deco: Why its important and how to keep the style alive

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When considering redecorating or adding a fresh style to your home or office, it might be appealing to consider the Art Deco style. This unique style combines modern aspects with natural elements to create one of a kind Art Deco furniture pieces. However, you might be wondering what makes this style so important and why it is critical to keep the style alive for generations to come.

Read on to learn more about the history of this unique design style that can be found in furniture and so much more.

The History of Art Deco

The actual phrase Art Deco came into popular use during the middle of the 20th century, although by that time, the popular decorative style was already being widely used. It was seen as a response to the Art Nouveau style, which was ornate, curvy, and full of minute details. Art Deco was more streamlined, combining sleek handcrafted pieces with rich finishes. The designs used various finishes and materials, which were luxurious and yet fell into the simple streamlined aspect of the Art Deco design.

Additionally, this type of style included geometric shapes and nods to nature. Plus, Art Deco was incorporated into lights, furniture, and even architecture. No matter where you looked, there was evidence of this style to be found throughout the mid-20th century.

The style started to fall out of favor as modernism took hold, but in recent years, Art Deco furniture and other pieces have regained some of their former popularity. After a decade of mid-century modern obsession, Art Deco is cycling around again. That being said, pieces from the Art Deco age of the 1920s are seen as more valuable because of the precious metals and other materials that were used in their construction.

Introducing Art Deco Style Into Your Home or Office

If you find the Art Deco style appealing, it does not mean you need to start from scratch in designing your spaces. You can introduce a variety of Art Deco furniture pieces or other elements in the decorative aspects of your lighting, bookends, or picture frames.

Common elements can be found in the Art Deco furniture or other pieces, such as geometric shapes, zigzags, or chevrons. Vertical lines and streamlined surfaces, as well as bold colors and high contrasts, are also part of these unique pieces.

Wood Art Deco furniture can incorporate exotic woods as a surface covering, while also providing unique storage opportunities. These Art Deco furniture pieces can be a stylish addition to your home, while also being useful.

There are also a variety of lamps and other decorative pieces that can be found, allowing you to incorporate aspects of the Art Deco style while staying within your budget.

Keeping a Style Alive

With all the unique aspects of these pieces, it can be easy to see why Art Deco has remained a consistent design style over the years. However, it is important to remember that this style also embodies a rich history of a time when the world was embracing luxury and a modern flair.
Throughout the design and architectural worlds, the Art Deco style represents a snapshot of history, one that should be preserved. By choosing to invest in Art Deco furniture and other pieces for your space, you help this slice of history to survive, while making a statement within your home or office.

Our team provides the resources to help you determine the right pieces for your space, but also providing you the wealth of experience when it comes to determining if a piece of furniture is an Art Deco original. Contact us today to see the latest pieces we have available.

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