Art Deco Style: How to Make Your Space More Inviting with Floor Lamps

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With its geometric patterns and bold uses of color, the Art Deco style brings a touch of the classic into your modern space. Today, many individuals opt to use bits of Art Deco lighting or furniture to add an inviting element to their homes or office. How can you incorporate Art Deco style more effectively while complimenting your unique style?

Embracing Art Deco Style

First, it is important to note that Art Deco incorporates bold, fluid, and symmetrical motifs, patterns, and themes that symbolize the technological progress of the major industries of the 1920s. Here are just a few of the shapes you might see as part of an Art Deco floor lamp:

  • Trapezoidal shapes
  • Zigzag patterns
  • Sweeping curves
  • Sunburst shapes
  • Stylized wildlife
  • Jagged, pointed edges

Secondly, the materials used as part of the Art Deco style have a rich variety of metals, woods, glass, and fabrics. For instance, chrome, glass, and lacquer lighting combine to create a unique Art Deco look and feel.

Finally, the colors of the Art Deco period are striking and bold, then paired with high-shine silver, chrome, or black accents. Neutral colors often mixed well with polished wood and lacquered furniture, which was common during the period.

With these facts in mind, let’s talk about how lighting can play a role with integrating Art Deco into your home or office.

The Lighting Is Key

Art Deco floor lamps and other lighting fixtures bring a unique element into your space. They offer practical value in terms of warm light and utilize some of the most popular aspects of Art Deco design, making their lamps beautiful and functional.

Original period lighting can still be found, but there are also plenty of reproduction Art Deco lighting to choose from. Even modern lighting can be found with an Art Deco influence, making bringing these elements into your home and office easy.

Choosing the right lighting for your needs will depend on what is already in place. For instance, if you have canned lighting, you might only need a few Art Deco floor lamps to create ambiance and give your space a warm and inviting feeling. Art Deco lighting can also be used as wall hangings, providing light and art with just one piece.

With their streamlined elegance, Art Deco floor lamps provide a unique element that can help to unify your space. The Art Deco shades can also create a more natural, diffused light. The result is both bold and beautiful. A 1949 SEVRES floor lamp has seven sconces perched upon the beautifully shaped candle arms with six frosted glass shades that cast a cool, milky light. The result can be truly impressive.

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