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Art Deco Lighting: Giving Your Home an Artistic Touch

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Your home is a reflection of you and your unique style. While you might think that decorating starts with artwork, furniture, and pillows, lighting also contributes to your home’s overall look and feel. Art Deco furniture can provide a touch of practical luxury with its unique geometric shapes and colors. But your Art Deco lighting can also provide a modern touch that compliments the rest of your furniture and decorative pieces.

What is Art Deco?

Art Deco was born in the 1920s and 1930s, with bold, fluid, and symmetrical patterns and themes meant to symbolize the technological progress of various industries. The overall look is strong with geometric, linear, and angular shapes.

While it fell out of favor in the 1950s as midcentury modern became popular, Art Deco has become a part of a resurgence, as individuals use Art Deco furniture from the period and reproductions to bring a touch of that period into their homes. A few patterns or motifs you might see include:

  • Trapezoidal shapes
  • Chevron patterns
  • Sweeping curves
  • Stylized wildlife
  • Zigzag patterns
  • Sunburst shapes
  • Triangular shapes

With a wide variety of shapes and patterns, Art Deco can be the defining style of your room or complement other pieces without overwhelming the space.

Art Deco Lighting: Shapes and Patterns

By using Art Deco lighting in your home, you can create a unique look that can complement various furniture choices. With Art Deco lighting, you might see many of the different patterns and shapes listed above. Stainless steel, mirror, chrome, glass, and lacquer can also be incorporated as part of the overall design of your lighting.

Think of Art Deco as making a statement with color and shapes. You might have a more neutral palate for your home, but with Art Deco lighting, you can bring an artistic touch that doesn’t overpower the space.

Art Deco lighting includes these common design elements:

  • Clean aerodynamic modern lines and silhouettes with minimal detailing
  • Shades with etched glass or chrome
  • Elongated shapes that depict skyscrapers
  • Fanned-out shapes obscuring the bulbs within the shades

Now that you know more about Art Deco lighting, let’s discuss how to incorporate it into your space.

Giving Your Space an Artistic Touch

One of the first ways you can incorporate Art Deco lighting is through wall sconces. These can be used to bookend art on the wall or to complement a fireplace. Our gallery includes glass wall sconces with various Art Deco patterns found throughout.

Other forms of Art Deco lighting can be hung from the ceiling in the form of chandeliers and pendants. These can be bowl-shaped or have multiple sections that mimic aspects of nature, such as leaves.

Consider adding Art Deco lighting if you are ready to add an artistic touch to your space. We specialize in Art Deco lighting by Lalique, which gives you a variety of options to create that unique flair in your home. If you are unsure what type of lighting would best fit your space, contact our team today.

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