Art Deco Lamps: How to Protect Them Against Wear and Tear

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Hailing from the 1920s and 1930s, the art deco movement featured a range of visually stunning pieces for the home.

If you own an art deco lamp, it is essential to know how to preserve and protect your lamp from harmful wear and tear.

Read on for some art deco lamp care tips, so you can be sure that your beautiful lamp will be preserved for years to come.

Art Deco Lamp Cleaning

Most art deco lamps are made of metal like steel or polished bronze and typically feature an intricately detailed glass shade. When cleaning an art deco lamp, it’s important to pay special attention to each component separately.

General household cleaners may cause minor scratches to your lamp, and they may also wear off the finish. Find out exactly what your lamp is made of, and choose a cleaner that is specific to that material.

Additionally, you should perform your art deco lamp cleaning components individually, focusing on the base and shade separately. This will ensure that each element is cleaned the right way and that it is getting the attention it deserves.

Protecting Your Lamp From Wear and Tear

The bulk of common art deco lamp wear and tear comes from age. However, these beautiful antique lamps can also undergo other forms of wear and tear that can be difficult or even impossible to repair.

Practice art deco lamp protection by placing it in a part of your home where it stands little chance of getting knocked over or dinged. Gently dust your lamp regularly, as dirt and grime can dull the finish and leave microscopic scratches on the shade.

Overall, the best policy when looking after art deco lamps is to treat them like a fine work of art. Always place them in a safe area, and clean them regularly so that they last for future generations.

More Important Tips

Since your art deco lamp is most likely made with a metal base, some patina is perfectly normal. Avoid polishing your lamp base too often or at all, particularly if you want it to age naturally.

If you’re concerned about the cleaning process for your lamp, it may be best to consult with a professional. Experienced antique restorers and cleaners can help you keep your lamp clean without causing damage.
Some lamps may come with a fabric shade, which also requires special care. Depending on the age and material of the shade, you may also need to have these cleaned by a professional. Regular dusting and gentle polishing should keep your art deco lamp in excellent condition.

Cherish Your Antique Lamp

With the right cleaning methods and protection, you’ll be able to preserve your art deco lamp and pass it on to future generations. These delicate and beautiful works of art are an important part of history and will continue to be so long into the future.

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