3 Art Deco Lighting Touches to Add to Your Office

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The lighting in your office doesn’t have to be dull and headache-inducing. Poor lighting can negatively affect your productivity in the office, making you less likely to be able to focus and finish your goals for the day.

Are you looking to spice things up in your office when it comes to lighting? Changing the lighting in your office to something more fun and pleasant can help you get more work done and have a good attitude when in the office.

If you want to add some unique art deco lighting to your office space, you’ve come to the right place. Read on as we share our favorite ideas for improving your office lighting!

1. Decorative Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a great way of adding style to any room, especially an office or workspace.

Our stunning Raymond Subes and Hermes floor lamp will bring the perfect French art deco flair to your space. The sturdy, intricately-designed wrought iron base supports the antique-looking parchment Hermes shade, delivering a warm, cozy atmosphere to any room that it is a part of.

For a more elegant option, this 1949 SEVRES floor lamp brings an air of classiness with its seven sconces perched upon the beautifully shaped candle arms. You can give your office a more severe and romantic look with the six frosted glass shades that cast cool, milky light.

2. Decorative Table Lamps

If you enjoy having a lamp on your office desk, you’ll love these decorative table lamps we have to offer. This gorgeous French art decotable lamp from 1925 is designed with a sturdy wrought iron base that twists upward to hold an alabaster shade.

Are you looking for something more unique? This bold post-modern table lamp by Coy Howard is the perfect office table lamp for those who want an awesome conversation piece for office decoration. Made with real bronze and parchment, this is a fantastic choice for any antique lover.

4. Wall Sconces

Wall sconces provide light while not occupying much space, making them the perfect lighting option for offices.

These traditional art decowall sconces are crafted with satin nickel bronze and acid-etched glass, offering the perfect soft decor for any office. The neutral coloration allows them to fit into any type of office without disrupting the tone.

This pair of wall sconces adds a natural beauty to your office for a more unique and crafty look. The bronze perches resemble warm-toned tree branches that hold up the white lampshades. Made around the 1960s, both of the sconces are in very good condition and can completely transform the look and lighting of your office.

Improve Your Productivity With Art Deco Lighting

Dull, fluorescent office lighting can induce headaches and slow your productivity. Instead of putting up with boring lighting, take some of these art deco lighting ideas and make a change to upgrade your office lighting and transform your workspace!

Are you searching for more art deco items to complete the look? Check out our art deco furniture at the link!

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